Product FAQ

How to select LED mini character light source

The light emitting surface of the mini characters is wide and the light emitting color is various, which depends entirely on the LED light source used for the mini characters. The following edition of Yichen mainly shares the choice of LED mini character light source:


1. After being used for a period of time, the mini character luminous sign does not light up suddenly. The reason may be that the character cavity is not completely sealed during production, or the low-quality LED lamp is customized.

2. LED mini characters are made of acrylic and LED lights, which are easy to replace at a later stage and have low cost. The key is that LED lights are easy to replace.

3. The LED lamp has high color rendering performance, so the mini characters have good color rendering performance and economic performance, which are green, environment-friendly and energy saving.

4. LED mini character light source mainly uses LED lamps, with a service life of eight to ten years.