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The "circle of friends" of the world's top 15 pharmaceutical giants gathered for the first time at the 5th China International Expo is growing

After five years of development, the China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as the "Import Expo") has become the world's first place for new products, the first place for cutting-edge technology, and the first place for innovative services, and the "circle of friends" is growing. From November 5 to 10, the fifth China International Fair will be held in Shanghai as scheduled.


From November 5 to 10, the fifth China International Fair will be held in Shanghai as scheduled (photographed by Tang Qiyun, a reporter from CCTV)

The reporter learned from the China International Import Expo Bureau that hundreds of new products, new technologies and new services will be intensively displayed at this Expo, many of which are world premieres, Asia premieres and China premieres. Global high-quality enterprises from 127 countries and regions will appear in the enterprise business exhibition, and the six exhibition areas can be described as a collection of high-quality products and bright spots.

Among them, the food and agricultural products exhibition area has the largest number of exhibitors and the most extensive sources. Major seed industry giants have appeared one after another, and all four grain merchants have participated in the exhibition. This year, a new crop seed industry zone has been set up.

In the auto exhibition area, all of the world's top 15 brand value auto enterprises participated in the exhibition. For the first time, the commercial vehicle sector was set up, focusing on the low-carbon transformation of the auto industry. Many brands will display new energy vehicles.

In the technical equipment exhibition area, a new AI area and an immersive experience area are set up, covering seven application scenarios, including sports, office, industry, education, art, catering and entertainment. At the same time, we will optimize digital industrial automation zones, energy low-carbon and environmental protection technology zones, and focus on displaying cutting-edge technologies and high-end equipment.

In the consumer goods exhibition area, the world's top ten cosmetics brands all appeared, and the world's top three fashion high-end consumer goods giants gathered together to build a world brand cluster and international trend leader in three directions of "new" life, "cool" technology and "the most" trend.

In the exhibition area of medical devices and health care, the world's top 15 pharmaceutical giants gathered for the first time, and the world's top 10 medical device enterprises collectively appeared at the exhibition. Especially in the subdivisions of radiotherapy, gene detection, in vitro diagnosis, medical imaging, life science, kidney therapy and other fields, the world's top enterprises participated enthusiastically, with strong professionalism and high concentration.

Focusing on the theme of "helping digital trade development and creating a green and low-carbon future", the service trade exhibition area not only attracts a large number of leading enterprises from consulting services, freight forwarding logistics, international express delivery, supply chain and other industries, but also adds entertainment game exhibition categories.

In addition, in terms of exhibition organization, many exhibition organization organizations from Norway, Switzerland, Brazil, Indonesia and other countries have joined the broad family for the first time, and Germany, Denmark, New Zealand and other countries have organized many "specialized, special and new" small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in the exhibition.