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The six exhibition areas of the 5th China International Expo are full of highlights, "the world's first show", "the first show in Asia" and "the first exhibition in China"

The 5th China International Import Expo is about to open. The enterprise exhibition of the Expo attracted 284 world top 500 companies and industry leaders, more than the previous one, with a return rate of nearly 90%. At the same time, there are many highlights in the six exhibition areas of the Enterprise Exhibition, and hundreds of new products, technologies and services will be displayed, many of which are world premieres, Asia premieres and China premieres.


As the enterprise exhibition that attracts the most attention in the Expo, this year is full of high-quality products and highlights. Global high-quality enterprises actively participate in the exhibition. The food and agricultural products exhibition area has the largest number of exhibitors and the most extensive sources. All the major seed industries and the four major grain traders participated in the exhibition.

According to Chu Tianwen, the manager of the food and agricultural products exhibition area in the exhibition department of the Import Expo, a new crop seed industry special area was set up this year. "This special area was set up in response to the national seed industry revitalization action. Bayer, Kedihua, Syngenta and other global seed industry leading enterprises will display innovative technological achievements and solutions in the field of seed protection and digital business."

In the auto exhibition area, all of the world's top 15 brand value auto enterprises participated in the exhibition. For the first time, the commercial vehicle sector was set up, focusing on the low-carbon transformation of the auto industry. Many brands will display new energy vehicles.

This year, the technical equipment exhibition area has set up a new AI area and an immersive experience area, covering seven application scenarios, including sports, office, industry, education, art, catering and entertainment; We will further optimize digital industrial automation zones, energy low-carbon and environmental protection technology zones, and focus on displaying cutting-edge technologies and high-end equipment.

When talking about the changes of the exhibition area from the first to the fifth session, the Assistant General Manager of the Exhibition Department of the Import Expo felt very deeply. He said: "Over the past two years, especially during the epidemic, as a large-scale national event held offline as scheduled, participating in the Expo has long been a consensus of all brands in the world and an indispensable and important activity. They have also learned about the Chinese market and discovered the potential of China. For example, Selemer set up a research and development center in Changning, Shanghai last year, such as a high-tech, high-end manufacturing enterprise The R&D center of the industry is located in Shanghai, which is actually a great achievement, and these are also 'spillover effects'. "

Over the years, the Expo has been a gathering place for high precision medical instruments. This year, in the exhibition area of medical devices and medical care, the world's top 15 pharmaceutical giants will gather at the Expo for the first time, and at the same time, the world's top 10 medical device enterprises will participate in the Expo collectively. Especially in the subdivisions of radiotherapy, gene detection, in vitro diagnosis, medical imaging, life science, kidney therapy and other fields, the world's top enterprises participated enthusiastically, with strong professionalism and high concentration.

Yao Jiacheng, the person in charge of the exhibition area of medical devices and medical care in the exhibition department of the Import Expo, said: "The professionalism of the exhibitors synchronized to the subdivided fields is still very strong, and the concentration is also very high. Let's take a few examples, for example, in the radiotherapy field, the world's three giants Varian, Elekta, and Agilent; in the gene detection field, the world's three giants Inmena, Thermo Fisher, and Agilent are all gathering for the exhibition, including the global leaders in the fields of in vitro diagnosis, cardiovascular, medical devices, life sciences, kidney therapy, etc All enterprises participated in the Expo, which also reflects the influence and attraction of the Expo on enterprises in the medical industry. "

Because it is closely related to everyone's life, the exhibition area of consumer goods in the Expo is always one of the busiest exhibition areas. At this Expo, all the top ten cosmetics brands in the world appeared, and the world's three major high-end fashion consumer goods giants gathered together to build a world brand cluster and international trend leader in the three directions of "new" life, "cool" technology and "the most" trend. The service trade exhibition area focuses on the theme of "helping the development of digital trade and creating a green and low-carbon future", attracting a large number of leading enterprises from consulting services, freight forwarding logistics, international express delivery, supply chain and other industries, and adding entertainment game exhibition categories.

In addition, one of the highlights of this year's exhibition is the new comprehensive exhibition area of "China's achievements in the past decade - opening up". Among them, the "Exhibitor to Investor" zone covers successful investment and best practice cases in industrial intelligent manufacturing, health care and other fields, including optical industry ecosystem projects set up by foreign enterprises in China, global research and development centers, production and supply bases, etc., demonstrating China's firm determination to attract foreign enterprises to continue to increase investment and let the world share China's development dividends through open platforms such as the Expo.

Gu Wenqian, the person in charge of the zone, introduced: "The industrial manufacturing sector is mainly composed of 13 exhibitors in the auto exhibition area and the technical equipment exhibition area, with an exhibition area of about 1800 square meters. It shows the investment of relevant enterprises in key areas such as green and low-carbon, artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, digital transformation, including the establishment of research and development centers and production bases in China, such as the largest overseas investment of 7 billion US dollars in memory chip project of Samsung Electronics in South Korea; the optical industry 4.0 of Zeiss in Germany Healthy optometry industry ecosystem project; Hyundai Motor's first overseas hydrogen fuel cell system production base. This segment focuses on the positive role of foreign capital in promoting the transformation and upgrading of our industry and the achievements of scientific and technological innovation. "

It is reported that 145 countries, regions and international organizations participated in the fifth China International Fair, enterprises from 127 countries and regions participated in commercial exhibitions, 66 countries and 3 international organizations appeared in national comprehensive exhibitions, both exceeding the previous one. All the member countries of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) have participated in the exhibition, and the number of countries along the "the Belt and Road" and SCO participating countries has also increased compared with the previous session.