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Shanghai Yichen Advertising Co., Ltd. is an advertising company engaged in advertising signboard engineering solutions for hotels, shopping malls, clubs / entertainment places, group enterprises, famous brands, enterprises / institutions, so that customers can enjoy 4S (design, production, installation, maintenance) one-stop brand services! In the field of advertising engineering, advertising design, advertising production, advertising release, advertising planning, lighting engineering, marking system, decoration engineering, advertising printing, etiquette celebration, activity planning, stage building, etc., we have accumulated rich industry experience.

The company has a group of design elites with quick thinking, courage to innovate and full of creative inspiration, specializing in corporate image design, outdoor advertising engineering design, building lighting engineering design, exhibition design, decoration design and other professional designers. The company strives to create "brand charm" with visual creativity, so as to integrate visual effect and commercial marketing ideas.

Over the past ten years, we have grown from a small advertising production and operation Department to a professional one with the strength to undertake large-scale outdoor advertising such as display screen, large characters on the roof, lighting engineering, large billboard, light box advertising, tall pole, road flag, spiritual fortress, etc. In the process of continuous development and expansion, the company has absorbed and cultivated a group of experienced designers and excellent personnel who master the advertising installation technology. The company has design department, engineering department and maintenance department, so as to ensure the one-stop service from design, production, installation to maintenance. We not only guarantee the quality, but also pursue perfection. In the past ten years, we have been engaged in the advertising industry, relying not only on superb technology and excellent construction quality, but also on the "customer first" service spirit and the full support of friends from all walks of life. With the company's good professional ethics, we are well received by our customers!


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