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What are the common classifications of border materials

The forms of the advertising signboards with border characters around the door head are different, depending on the border of the border characters, which is made into back light or full light, and the components include light strips, back plates, panels and borders. Next, Yichen Advertising will tell you about the common classification of border characters:


1. Aluminum material, good sealing and overall effect, and the production specifications can meet the basic needs of customers.

2. Iron sheet baking paint, with high quality features of corrosion resistance and strong metal sense, needs to go through the baking process.

3. The stainless steel material can be made of titanium or rose gold, which can be customized according to customer needs to improve the metal texture of the words.

4. Acrylic material, in which the three side surrounding words use acrylic as the surrounding material to achieve the special effect of lighting on three sides.

The above is a brief introduction to the material types of the bounding box. I hope it can help you.