Product FAQ

The top of the building, the top of the luminous word production manufacturers

Roof character, luminous character design and installation manufacturers, the production of one-stop service. Cut out the middleman to make the difference. Discount see, the price as low as 500 yuan/square. Service scope:


Top letter (no light) :

The top stainless steel word (baking paint), the top iron paint word, the top copper word, the top aluminum plate word, the top punching word, the top stainless steel plating word.

Including steel structure, price: 500-800 yuan/square

The series of luminous letters on the roof are:

The roof stainless steel luminous word, the roof paint luminous word, the roof blister luminous word, the roof punching luminous word.

Including steel structure, price: 750-1100 yuan/square

304 stainless steel, brand acrylic panel (Shenchun, Degusai), brand LED (Lanjing, Rishang)

The price is negotiable.

Product warranty is 5 years.

Service process:

1. Site investigation

2. Design drawing (effect drawing, floor plan, structure drawing)

3. Quotation

4. Down payment on contract

5, production, installation

6. Acceptance by Party A

7. Issue the invoice and pay the balance.

Construction period: 5-15 days. Fast one-stop service. It can be completed in three days at the earliest.